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We offer CCTV inspections in NASSCO PACP-certified format for routine maintenance, pre- or post-rehabilitation, new construction or warranty inspections.

Using our WinCan v8™ or IT Data Aquisition software, we provide clients with customized logs and cutting-edge video delivery, management and storage.  Choose from VHS, mpeg1, mpeg2, or mpeg4 formats.

The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) has implemented a Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) to provide standardization and consistency of  pipe evaluation.  Its goal is to create a comprehensive and reliable reservoir of descriptive data that can be used in prioritization, planning, and renovation of waste water collection systems.

Closed Circuit TV Inspections

  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Storm Sewers
  • Manhole Barrel Section/Invert
  • Manhole Locating
  • Inclination of Pipe
  • Underdrains
  • Water/Force Mains
  • 4"Lateral Inspections
  • Small-diameter Pipes


Manhole Inspections

From basic ring and lid inspections, to comprehensive structural and hydrolic inspections, all of Quality Pipe Services’ manhole inspections conform to NASSCO’s MACP standards.

Four tiers of inspection give clients the flexibility to meet both budgetary and technical needs.  Services include providing GPS data for GIS integration.


Quality Pipe Services, Inc. uses Vactor 2100 high-pressure combination machines to provide high-pressure cleaning & industrial vacuuming for nearly every situation, and pipes from 4" to 72".  All of our combo machines have the ability to dewater pipelines, holding tanks or most other or liquids requiring removal.

  • Sanitary Sewers (New or Live Pipe)
  • Storm Sewers (4" to 72")
  • Inlets and Culverts
  • Detention Ponds
  • Manholes/Dirt Removal
  • Water, Concrete and Asphalt
  • Underdrains
  • Lift Stations
  • Grease Traps
  • Mechanical Cleaning
  • Hydro-excavation (Digging Trenches or Holes Using High Pressure Water)
  • Utility Potholing (Electric, Fiber, Water, Sewer and Gas Lines)


Root and Deposit Removal

Often used on roots, concrete, grout, scaling and failed liners, our KEG 400 Chain Cutter, is our most effective tool for removing calcium and other affixed debris from 8"to 48" pipelines.

Dewatering Services

We can remove standing water in pipelines, holding ponds or low-lying areas.  Likewise we can reduce flow within pipelines to assist in obtaining the most comprehensive CCTV Inspection possible.


Storm, Water and Sewer Excavation

We offer emergency services for sewer and water repair as well as installation of pipe and manholes.

Pipe Repair, Replacement and Installation

Quality Pipe Services, Inc. specializes in sewer repairs and installations. From PVC to VCP, we are experienced in all types of sewer materials and pipes and regardless of their size.

  • Sewer or Main Lines
  • Grease Interceptors
  • Lift Stations
  • Manholes


Fire Hydrant Repair and Installation

We can make the impossible seem easy again.  We inspect and repair fire hydrants and can install a replacement as the need arises.

Valve Replacement and Data Tracking

In addition to maintaining valves and replacements, our extensive operating and tracking program maintains system data like pipe size, opening direction, problems or concerns, and the GPS coordinate of each valve. Contact us to set up your valve maintenance program.


Cured In Place Technology

BLD Systems


Using BLD™ products we can repair pipelines at a fraction of the cost of digging. At a minimum life expectancy of fifty years, BLD™ products meet or exceed all ASTM standards.

Point Repair

It is no longer neccessary to reline a pipe from manhole-to-manhole in order to address one section of pipe.  Now we can simply reline the area in need of repair.  The BLD™ Point Repair System consists of fiberglass reinforced Liner and Ambient Cured Resins.  The Point Repair Kits are sold from 6" to 54" in diameter and 2' to 30' in length.  The BLD™ Sectional Point Repair is considered a structural repair per ASTM F-1216.  The ASTM Specification testing requirements are based on a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

BLD Technology

Service Connection Seal (SCS)    

Service Connection Seal + Lateral (SCS+L)

This system was designed specifically for the connection of service laterals to the main sewer line.  Designed for multiple connection repairs per workday, this system works effectively with all Tee & Wye connections from 6" x 4" to 36" x 12"  connections.  Lateral lengths are available from 18 inches to 50 + feet.

Manhole Rehabilitation

QPS has a team of experienced manhole rehabilitation applicators/installers.  Our team has over 17 years experience combined with approximately 9000 vertical feet of installed product in over 600 manholes along with several structures like vaults and lift stations.  Our certified applicator has over 13 years experience in manhole rehabilitation that has installations in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona.



Welcome to Sprayroq...the gold standard

Sprayroq is your source for spray-applied polyurethane products and solutions for Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Corrosion Management, Infiltration Control and Peace of Mind.

Dinjer ™


DINJER CMS10K Cementitious Mortar
DINJER SG Mastic Epoxy Gel
RAINSTOPPER™ Manhole Inflow inserts

DINJER CMS10K cementitious mortar is a strong, easy to apply, corrosion-resistant liner. In high corrosion environments, DINJER SG Mastic epoxy applied over CMS10K forms an exceptionally strong, solid, corrosion-resistant barrier. The installation of Rainstopper™ manhole inserts completes our restoration process, ensuring a higher level of prevention for inflow and infiltration, extending the life of the manhole, eliminating costly clean-out procedures, and reducing wastewater treatment costs.

DINJER cementitious mortar and epoxy, used in conjunction and love and with Rainstopper™ Manhole Inserts, are crucial components of a complete rehabilitation project.

Employment with QPS

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QPS Equipment

Our team comes armed with the best available technology. We maintain a comprehensive fleet of inspection and maintenance equipment right down to real-time video delivery and a state-of-the-art video management system for CCTV inspections. View details